How to add a user?

This article will guide you step by step to add a user to your organization.

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A pivotal feature of Gatego is its user management, empowering organizations to control access, roles, and permissions with ease. Let’s delve into how to add a new user!

Step 1

  • Navigate to

  • Enter your login credentials

  • Click "Sign In"

Step 2

  • Click on Settings in the bottom left corner using the gear icon.

  • Head over to the Users tab

  • Click add User

Step 3

  • Select Invite User or Add User

  • Select User Role

Invite User: Sends invitation to an existing email to join your organization on Gatego. If inviting a user just select their role and enter their email. After the user accepts they will set up their own login credentials.

Add User: Set up login credentials for a user in your organization.

User Roles

Yard Admin: This user has access to all settings, including adding and editing movements, adding and removing users, carriers, yards, drivers, trucks and trailers.

Carrier User: This user can view movements and yard inventory. This user is not allowed to add or edit movements. If selected must have preloaded carriers to assign to the user.


This user can add and edit movements at the gate. If selected must assign a yard to the user

Step 4

Add User Only

After successfully adding this information you can let the user know they can now login with the email and password you assigned.

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