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What can I achieve using Gatego?

This article covers the benefits you can receive from implementing Gatego as your Yard Management Software.

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Gatego is designed to streamline the management of trailer yards.

Leave behind pen and paper, and leverage the power of advanced digital solutions. Gatego revolutionizes how trailer yards are operated and maintained. Here are the primary benefits of utilizing Gatego for trailer yard management!

Efficient Movement Tracking:
Register check-in and check-out movements of trucks and trailers seamlessly. This reduces errors, provides real-time data, and ensures smooth operations at entry and exit points.

Issue Reporting:
Mark any issues or damages with the trailer, seal, tires, truck and others in a timely matter. This feature provides a clear record of any problems, automatically generates your interchange reports for you, boosts transparency while reducing disputes.

Role-Based Access:

With distinct roles like Yard Admins, Carrier Users, and Gatekeepers, Gatego offers a tailored user experience. Each user sees and interacts only with the data relevant to their responsibilities, promoting efficiency and data security.

Administer from Anywhere, Anytime:

Administer your yards' movements and yard capacity even at a distance and out of office hours. This feature provides visibility and allows for better planning and space management. This flexibility is especially beneficial for managers and carriers who are always on the move.

Data-Driven Insights:
Data is currency in the 21st century and with Gatego you'll have all of it. Harness your data to your advantage to understand and analyze patterns, peak times, yard utilization, trailer and trucks ages and more. This data can not only help optimize operations and reduce bottlenecks but also make informed decisions that drive your business up.

Gatego is a comprehensive solution designed with the unique challenges of trailer yard management in mind. By choosing Gatego, you're not only investing in a tool, but a partner dedicated to optimizing your yard's operations and propelling your business forward. Whether you aim to enhance transparency, improve operational efficiency, or gain better control over your yard's movements, Gatego has got you covered.

For any additional questions or to request a demo, please reach out to our support team. We're here to assist you in your journey toward unparalleled trailer yard management!

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